San Bartolo is located about 40 minutes south of Lima. The town lays in two little bays and gives perfect conditions for surfing. It is a small community where everybody knows each other, where everyone helps out, chats or enjoys good times with each other. A wonderful place to get to know and take part of the life of the coastal Peruvians.




For about two months we live in the house of Javier Schiaffino also called “Watchi”, a good friend and helpful person. He offered to us to stay as long as we wanted and that we would be welcome in the whole neighbourhood. We stayed with him for about one month and had the chance to catch up with some great people from town.




Watchi (2nd from left) is a film maker, producer, and junior director working in the advertising industry and whenever he has time, he is noticing personal projects all around the region. He also supports local talents with his knowledge and his tools, filming and photographing them. Mainly he works with his team of “La Máquina Films” from Lima, they are working with different clients; such as Red Bull, Volkswagen, Reebok and many more. If you are interested to see some of their work check them out and follow them on Facebook. It`s definitely worth a visit.




We joined him one day in the field filming a skate video and took the chance to take some photographs for them.




Beside work, there is surf and there are waves almost every day. In the late evening are the perfect conditions to surf and watch the sun going down the horizon.








We were happy to also meet Watchi`s wonderful girlfriend Anai, helping us a lot while she’s waiting for their baby to be born. All the best to you guys and thank you for the amazing time we had together here and around Lima.




Also many thanks for the great time to Nacho, Noelia, Bea, Toñio and all the friends around.


After this great time in San Bartolo we went on a trip with Watchi and Nacho inside the Amazon region to meet a Shaman from the Shipibu Tribe. More of that in the next post.

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