Meeting Ben and his friends again was just the start of our stay in Cambodia. The other part was driving motorbikes from Koh Kong, close to the Southern border of Thailand, to Ban Lung in Ratanakiri close to the Laos and Vietnamese Northern Border; spending our time exploring the countryside and seeing the full beauty of the landscape and the people living in it.


From the beginning of December until the end of January 2014 Phnom Penh would be our home, where we could retreat from our motorbike trips through the country. The streets of Phnom Penh are full of motorbikes, Tuk-tuks and an ever growing number of cars but the feeling when you walk or ride down the streets is still relaxing and laid back.


There is no rush at all and it feels like the time is running slower, the people are friendly and always open for a nice talk, even if our Khmer isn’t the best and their English either.


Ben arranged an apartment for that time where we were able to cook for friends, enjoy the sun at the rooftop and take the time to organise our trips through Cambodia. That helped us a lot to feel even more at home and to build up a relationship with our neighbourhood where we bought our daily coffee, fruits and vegetables for cooking, where we watched Cambodian boxing at the house on the corner or went out for a beer or two.


Riding a motorbike is the best way to see the Cambodian countryside so we decided to rent a couple for our upcoming trips. Being on a motorbike is pure freedom and leaves you open to decide where to go next and when to go there.


Driving through the rainforests in the South and North, along the ocean and through the small villages on the shore of the giant Mekong River, up the mountains and between the green rice paddies, spread out all over the country was breathtaking and an unforgettable experience.


Photographs are the best way to share stories, impressions, situations and moments. All what life means and life is. Photography is communication and we love everything about it! So enjoy our photographic view of the Kingdom of Cambodia where we are always looking forward to the next time. Thank You





“The Buddhists have to go to the Pagoda at least 2 times during their lifetime and live for a few months like a monk each time. Young and old Monks walk early in the morning waiting for donations of food or money after which they bless the givers”





“Did you know that you’ll get fined for driving with your lights on at daytime but not when you drive without them at night in Cambodia”



“Thats what you need for a home made Curry paste…”


“…to spice up the braised soy pork belly”


“Different tasty and home made food to share with friends and family”

“To make our friends happy with unique food made of fresh Cambodian products straight from the market is what we enjoy”






“The best way to transport freshly and quickly in Cambodia is to pile up everything on your bike, as much as you can, and then put some more on. All kinds of goods like fruits, animals, friends and family members are carried around on the bikes”



“Half of Cambodia’s current population is younger than 15 years old”





“You will find the best hairdressers on the pavement. Equipped with a mirror, a pair of scissors, a chair and a towel after which you even leave with a freshly shaved beard”





“Kampot pepper is one of the most unique pepper on the globe which grows in the rich soil of the Kampot province”





“Cambodia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. Between the years 1990 and 2005, the country has lost 25,000 square kilometers of forest”



“There are about 27 public holidays a year in Cambodia and some of them are 3 days long. When they fall on a Sunday they postpone it to Monday. What a great thing”





“Thanks to Manu and Dennis, you made our stay even nicer”

Chris and Flo

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