Volcano Antisana | Ecuador


Several months passed since we have left South America to find our way back home to Germany. The big Journey along the Andes has ended in Nicaragua where we have spent the last few months; surfing and organizing the exportation of our beloved Fj-43. We have decided to take it with us to Germany because it just didn’t feel right to leave it behind, also with the idea to continue the journey somehow in the future. It just means so much for us because with the help of this car we were able to see and feel the beauty of a life without borders.



Shipping out from Cartagena de Indias | Colombia



Driving down the North Yungas | Bolivia


The last two years we have crossed about a dozen countries over three continents to meet a variety of different people where we had the chance to witness and learn about their way of living, their thoughts and needs, their problems and answers and their perspective connected to the environment and the communities they live in, to explore the beauty of our Planet where we live and to learn about life in its purest moments.



Sheppards housing in the far remote countryside of the Altiplano | Northwest Argentina


We have made many friends along the way and want to thank every single one of them for their help and the great moments we had together. Also we want to thank all of you who followed us reading our Blog and who shared our experiences, photographs and stories with others. The journey will never end wherever you are and wherever life takes you, there are just new steps and challenges to overcome. One only has to take the step forward.



The Fj´s look handsome even without their body and are still fun to drive or rather move | The Silva family, Chia Colombia


We want to say thank you by sharing our passion of exploring and by photographing our amazing Planet with portraitures of our friends and their countries.





Hugo is the student of Shaman Hermando. He is also guiding ceremonies and helps out when there is need for a strong hand or for manoeuvring the Peque Peque up and down the river. We felt secure when he was singing for us in the Shipibo language | Ucayalli Region, Peru



Three generations together under one roof welcoming us after a two day journey across the mountains. Helping us to prepare the river crossing to get deeper into the Amazon Jungle | Ucayalli Region, Peru



Shaman Hermando and his lovely wife Neida gave us a warm welcome and took care of us during our stay in the Jungle. They explained to us how they use medicinal plants from the Jungle to aid in curing physical and psychical diseases. They’re well known within the community and are always there if help is needed | Ucayalli Region, Peru



Hermando is teaching his children from a young age about living in harmony with nature for a responsible and respectful life with the environment | Ucayalli Region, Peru



Alexa joined us on our travels for about three months. She helped us to stay calm in tricky situations and was a great travel mate with her friendly and positive attitude | Cafayate, Argentina



Negro and Chacho have been amazing hosts during our stay around Quito. They showed us some amazing places around Ecuador and let us take part in their daily lives | surfing Cañaveral, Ecuador



José is selling traditional clothes made from Alpaca wool high up in the Andes. He welcomed us to camp in his backyard and warm up around his fireplace giving us the opportunity to explore the surroundings of Laguna Quilotoa | Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador



Watchi and Nacho, two great filmmaker and photographer from a small shore town south of Lima have made a video for a local skateboarder and surfer and wanted us to shoot some stills during the production | San Bartolo, Peru



Chris is preparing to pack his board behind the house to get ready for surfing Nicaragua | Cartagena de Indias, Colombia



Unstoppable! Probably the only photograph on our Blog to see inside our Home. Vehicle, lounge, office, bedroom and kitchen within less than 5 square meters and the world as our backyard. | Nowhere and everywhere, Colombia



May we introduce, the team of the FJ Company. These guys know every single nut & bolt on our car by name and are restoring between fifteen and thirty Fj´s a year. They are real masters in what they are doing and do it with joy.


It inspires and teaches so much to meet such a variety of interesting talents and characters. For us that means life! Follow your Dreams!




More than the half of our time in South America we have spent inside the Andes. Every time we look at the beauty of the mountains, we forget the struggles which come to the fore at high altitudes. We forget the cold, the thin air, the loneliness and the sleepless nights. We are happy and our hearts are filled with joy.



Salar de Atacama 2300m | Chile



Salar de Uyuni 3650m | Bolivia



Parque Nacional Cotopaxi 3800m | Ecuador



Region Pichincha 4000m | Ecuador



Lago Titicaca 3800m | Peru



Quebrada de Humahuaca 4000m | Argentina



Serranía de Hornocal 4700m | Argentina


Now back in Germany we are sorting out some ideas and plans for further adventures and are working on the ongoing exhibition which will take place soon. Hopefully we will meet you there!


Many thanks and all the best

Chris & Flo