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On Wednesday the 3rd of December we visited a Restaurant owned and operated by Thai-born Duangporn Songvisava “Bo” and Australian-born Dylan Jones “lan” in the heart of Bangkok. Bo and Dylan are the joint owners and the head chefs of the Restaurant Bo.lan. Bo.lan is currently holding the 28th place from the 50 best Restaurants in Asia on the acclaimed Pellegrino list and Bo the best female chef working in Asia.


They have created a friendly, comfortable Restaurant with an informal, natural ambience. Bo and Dylan do their utmost to safeguard Thai food authenticity and heritage by using organic and 100 % locally sourced produce free from plastic packaging wherever possible, their goal is to succeed in creating the first carbon free Restaurant in 2018.
We were treated to an amazing 13 course meal which we found to be perfectly balanced throughout of delicious Thai flavours. The tastes were complex, multi layered and the dishes were consistent with powerful spiciness balanced out to perfection with sour flavours using such ingredients as lemon, Thai sour fruits or finding sweetness from pomelo or creamy coconut milk.

We chose an amazing pairing of different mocktails with the menu, to accompany the meal. All the juices were homemade and complemented the food to perfection, supporting it with a freshness like maracuja and chilli, pineapple, lemon, coconut and guava or ginger beer.

All six of the main dishes were served together in the middle of the table; different to the European style where we would each be dealt our own serving. This is a very important Thai tradition to share the meal with the whole family and friends. Their ability is very high, their style of serving the food is not common amongst the upper class in this culinary league but they say it is the best way and it is how Thai food should be eaten.

bo.lan dish-1Grilled spanish mackerel salad, Salt beef with green mango and chilli, Spicy pickled mussel with Kaffir lime dressing, Lime cured pork, prawn and rice cracker, Salad of minced pork of local fern (from left to right)

bo.lan dish-2Chilli relish of prawn and dried prawn simmered in coconut cream with assorted sour fruits (Furry Aubergine, Sour cucumber and salak)

bo.lan dish-3Arrangement of typical Thai sweets

We would like to thank Bo, Dylan and their team for this impressive culinary experience of authentic Thai food. If you would like to read more about Bo.lan take a look at their website…

We are now in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, meeting our friend Ben who moved from England to Phnom Penh 5 years ago…

Chris and Flo

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