We arrived into New Zealand early January where after a few days we met up with Chris’s parents. They had organized a campervan to explore the country in its natural beauty and invited us to join them on their trip throughout the Northland and North islands centre with its geothermal activities. To repay them for their very generous offer, we took care of their daily meals and captured their journey through New Zealand´s nature. After a short but thoroughly enjoyable ten days we headed back to Auckland whilst Chris’s parents continued their journey to the South Island.


Enjoy a picturesque shortcut through the nature of the North Island in its origin.


New Zealand’s forests have been untouched for millions of years. Some of their oldest and biggest inhabitants, the Kauri trees, have been growing for thousands of years and have outlived centuries of human existence. Some ferns in New Zealand grow to become huge trees; it is due to this fact that they have become a national symbol.


The Islands Wildlife is unique to the entire world, it is mostly inhabited by birds, there is a small amount of mammals on the mainland but the surrounding ocean is full of a vast variety of marine wildlife. New Zealand is a very unique place, everywhere you go you are surrounded by rare and beautiful wildlife.







New Zealand also has many active volcanoes and a high frequency of eruptions. You can feel the Earth’s massive energy and the geothermal activities making its ways through the ground up to the surface at various places around the Island.







We found our home for the next few months in Ponsonby – Auckland, replenishing our financial backup for the next stage of our journey…. South America!

Chris and Flo

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  1. It’s incredible how you capture the light and colors!!! This green…perfect!

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