A life time journey starts with an idea and the passion to do what you can do best.

Chris and I, found our way in early 2011 when we both started our apprenticeship. Each of our journeys has been totally different, Chris started his training to become a Chef in Northern Germany and I started mine to become a Photographer in the South.

In late 2010 we returned from our 18 month trip; covering Australia and Southeast Asia. This was when we decided to do what we learned to love and had decided on a plan to travel the world again. Our minds had been opened to various new and exciting ways of not just existing, but really living!
We needed to become more professional in the vocations we now love; cooking and photographing, to enable us to grow more and become who we want to be.

During our journey we want to share our stories, our experiences, our projects and the way of life that we live now. We want to meet interesting people with individual stories, learn how to create the world’s best cuisines and share the experiences we have with the people we meet.
Before we left Berlin we had a project at Berlin Cuisine  which you can follow at our next post. We now arrived in BKK where we looking forward to met the Chef of one of the best Restaurants in Thailand.

So we are open to everyone we meet and are looking forward to what comes next. Please enjoy following us and maybe we’ll see you somewhere sometime soon!


Chris and Flo

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